We are artists empowering artists by helping them expose and present their unique forms of expressions. Our experience with interactive art, information architecture, digital strategies and tools, programming and physical computer allow us to not only create dynamic interactive web interfaces to reflect their artistic expressions but also be active collaborators in their [...]



We are educators supporting educators by developing content creation and dissemination; exploring avant-garde teaching and learning methods as well as ways to present and share information for meaning creation. Our approach understands learning as an open, non-linear, and individual process dictated by perceptions of our own strengths (and limitations) and interactions with the world. [...]



We are researchers promoting researchers, by researching content, grants, and venues for artistic and educational exposure. Collectively and in collaboration with artist, educators and researchers we have been recipients of almost million dollars in grants. Our vision of the transformative potential of digital art in the 21st century combined with our [...]


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We offer a wide array of products and consulting services to help you and your organization grow and thrive. Our expertise spans print and digital media, photography and video, research and grant-writing, web and instructional design.

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